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About The Company

In 2011, I was working at a well known tax service company. Many of my clients had their own businesses but had no concept of how to keep records of their expenses and income. They had fallen into the belief-trap that their bank account balance or cash in their wallet was their spendable budget! Trying to help them make sense of this in a single meeting each year during tax season was no way to help them achieve their goals!

As these experiences stacked, I felt a growing responsibility to change the experience these talented business owners were having when it came to their finances! In early 2012, TBrown Bookkeeping was born.


My husband, Mike, was witness to my unique love for numbers, and as my concern for my clients grew, he bought me my first copy of QuickBooks. In a way you could say this company is all his fault. 😉

During my time working with businesses to help right their finances, I gained experience in Accounts Receivable, Payable, Payroll and more. I also came to realize I loved helping people with their personal finances just as much as I did in helping them with their business finances. At the end of the day, helping people with their business or personal finances comes down to one thing I love to do: Help people!

Eventually life situations changed (as they often do!) and my husband and I were overjoyed to move back home to Texas in 2016! However, this also meant tearful goodbyes to the friends and clients I had worked closely with, and a fresh start for TBrown Bookkeeping and a fresh start for Terry! (That’s me!). 

I went back to college shortly after moving back to Texas and was awarded my Bachelors Degree in Business Management, emphasis in Finance from Brigham Young University Idaho.

Today I work with businesses large and small, across multiple industries, and work to give them clarity, focus, and direction in their financal reports. I also work to help individuals who may still be stuck living pay check to pay check and desperately want to be financially free! If you’re interested in either of these services, I have a few open slots left for new clients at the moment. You can contact me here: (512) 785-4080.